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In a week where the biggest college football news is that Lil Wayne mentioned Lane Kiffin in a rap song and that a suspended receiver is still suspended, this weekend’s games can’t come soon enough.  Unfortunately, Week 9’s matchups probably won’t arouse any ESPN Classic Producers anytime soon.  One of only two matchups between ranked […]

To say last week was disappointing for Tech fans would be a massive understatement but it’s time for the Hokies to move on and look ahead to the Tarheels coming into town on Thursday night. Thursday nights in Blacksburg have been kind to the Hokies who have only lost twice on the Primetime game and […]

The following is written by guest contributor, Chris Mirabella. He is completely unbiased and has no rooting interest in this Series. Really. I recently asked one of my friends, a Mets fan, who he was rooting for in the World Series: The Yankees or the Phillies. When the mere notion of having to root for […]

So who would have thought at this point of the season that not only would UVA be in control of their own destiny in the ACC but also that all VT fans have to back the mighty Cavaliers this weekend for their own hopes of an ACC championship to be revived? College football…..where rooting for […]

College Basketball is Upon Us. And yes, that is the 2009-2010 Duke Men’s Basketball Team. I’m not sure what happened to Coach K’s recruiting efforts, but I’m going to give anyone right now 100:1 odds that Duke wins the National Championship game. This team won’t even be able to compete with Davidson. They do have […]