#8 Cincinatti at #21 South Florida running commentary…


(All Times Eastern) 7:45- Erin Andrews…..what’s going on tonight girl? Looks like you got a little sloppy on the hair. I expect 100% effort from you every night. Actually I think Jesse Palmer just ran into the studio tucking in his shirt.

7:59 Haitian Sensation…..when was the last time something from Haiti was sensational? These USF jerseys look sharp but you can’t expect to beat a top 10 team with punts like that. Those missed yards add up quick.

8:05 The Read Option has bastardized offensive football. There I said it.

8:09 Ok regret my last post. Anytime more offense is involved I won’t complain. Think the spread is really one of the main reasons for the growing parity in Cfootball.

8:11 TOUCHDOWN Jessie Hester off a nice quick pass from BJ Daniels on 3rd and 3 makes it 7-3 USF. I feel like a Hester has scored on Thursday Night Football for the last 5 years.

8:21 Big 4th down stop for Cincy and then Fowler calls them out for too many penalties when it was a clear offsides. Then says nothing whatsoever when he’s proven wrong…..Good job Chris.

8:29 USF DLine is getting to Pike and disrupting the Cincy offense. Let’s see if Daniels can consistently pick up first downs throwing after USF makes adjustments.

8:34 I guess that was a no, next play Daniels throws a 72 yard int return to the 2. The first FDS running commentary jinx has been recorded.

8:35 Binns TD puts Cincy up 10-7. Good game so far. For the Big East at least.

8:40 Erin Andrews reports that Daniels’ facial expression didn’t change on the sideline. Did you see his picture?? Dude looks like he dipped his head in Novocaine.

8:44 You’d think at some point during practice, the USF coaches would notice that their kicker can’t get a ball within 10 yards of the goal posts on a 50 yard field goal.

8:58 Jesse Palmer looks like the insecure kid trying to fit in when Gruden walks in the room. At least his tie comes down past his belly button.

9:00 Big East commercial……Please think we’re good! Pretty please!

9:06 Nice catch by Binns for the TD. 2nd of the day. 17-7 Bearcats

9:09 I think I saw Tony Pike on Cops last week.

10:14 Back to the game. Apologies.By the way, Shraf’s statements regarding breakout Heisman games is now its own curse. Pike = injured.

10:32 “That is not what I wanted you to do! That is not what I wanted you to do!” Backup QB Fail. INT leads to Method Man Daniels TD. 24-17 Cincy

10:36 2/3 of the booth thinks Cincy will make the BCS championship game. Really? After watching this game? BCS! BCS!

10:43 TD Pass appears short. Tight End takes off helmet (bone headed play). 15 yard penalty should be assessed taking them back to the 16. Deangelo Hall Play of the Week Nominee!

10:53 Cincy scores anyways after a PI call on the Defense. 31-17 Cincy

11:02 Carlton Mitchell drops a sure 80 yard TD for USF. There’s a reason why Miami, FSU, and UF didn’t offer these kids.

11:08 It seems like the USF defenders or more interested in looking fast than actually breaking down and making a tackle. FSU must be worse than I thought.

11:21 That’s a wrap for tonight folks. Cincy wins the game over a beaten down USF squad.


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