I was only about 13 years old when Daniel M. Snyder entered my life and little did I know, he would proceed to ruin my Sundays for every fall for the rest of my life.

After over 10 years of mediocrity (at best), it was time for a statement. While I realize it is actually impossible to fire Daniel M. Snyder from his position as Owner of the Washington Redskins, I thought “Assassinate Dan Snyder” was too morbid and excessive while “Impeach Dan Snyder” sounded too lame.

Anyways, I would like to welcome you to our blog that will cover all things Redskins, Wizards, Caps, DC United, UVa and VT athletics, along with other miscellaneous items we deem appropriate.

I tend to give myself about 2 days before I decide to react negatively or positively towards the previous Redskins game, I figure this is pretty much impossible in these days of instant media. However, since my first post will fall in the middle of the week, you will probably read one of my less reactionary pieces regarding the team I used to and still am trying to love.

My first memory of the Redskins was the hiring of Richie Pettibon as Head Coach in 1992.  All you math majors will notice that this was the year following our last Super Bowl victory. Since then, the Redskins have gone 114-146 (including this year’s W-L), have had 5 winning seasons, and have reached the playoffs a paltry 3 times (with 1 NFC East title to show for it).

Daniel M. Snyder purchased this team in 1999 and the Redskins have emerged as a perennial laughing stock of the league since.  Early on, Mr. Snyder continues to make made rash decisions regarding player and coach management. More after the jump…

He fired Norv Turner (granted, he wasn’t a good coach) in the middle of the season while the team was 7-6.  The team still had a legitimate chance to make the playoffs.

The only three years where there was some semblance of player management was when he gave complete control to Joe Gibbs. Since the Gibbs 2.0 era, Mr. Snyder has been back to his regular ways.

Following Gibbs’ departure, Snyder drove away coordinators Gregg Williams and Al Saunders against Joe Gibbs’ wish following Coach Gibbs’ retirement, and began a coaching search that seemed to last eons.  His first post-Gibbsian hire was one James Arthur Zorn, a former quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks and the quarterbacks coach of the Seahawks at the time of the hire.  What many people outside the DC Metro area don’t realize is, Zorn was hired to be the Redskins’ Offensive Coordinator.  After being turned down by every competent coach he approached, Mr. Snyder decided to promote Zorn from OC to Head Coach.

Now, I will never be mistaken for Chris Mortensen or the seemingly-ubiquitous Adam Schefter, but at what point during Zorn’s tenure with the Redskins do you sit down and say to yourself,

“Man, who is running this offense? This guy is the next Bill Walsh.”

Jim Zorn is way in over his head as an NFL head coach and should be focusing on an offense that has yet to crack 20 points this season (as well as 30 points under the WHOLE Zorn era).  Fortunately for all of us, we hired Sherman “B32, G14”  Lewis to be an offensive consultant, a position that I believe does nothing.  It will be interesting to see what happens from here.  Will Snyder initiate the firing of Zorn if the Redskins lose to Kansas City this weekend? Will he wait until the bye week after the Philly MNF game? Or will he wait until the end of the season?

I think it is fair to say that regardless of what happens, Jim Zorn should probably pull a Brady Quinn and put his home for sale. He is as good as gone.  The next offseason would ideally bring along the following additions/subtractions (read: Deangelo Hall):


– Two (2) Offensive Tackles

– Two (2) Offensive Guards

– One (1) Center

– One (1) Running Back who does not get tripped up by the paint

– One (1) Wide Receiver who is capable of catching more than the Orange Line to New Carrolton

– One (1) Head Coach

– One (1) Offensive Coordinator

– One (1) Cornerback


5 Responses to “Welcome…”

  1. 1 Doug Baker

    Nice blog!

    • 2 shraf

      Thanks, any feedback will be helpful. We should have some college football week 7 previews up soon.

  2. 3 Cyrus


  3. 4 Charles

    I have $7 and a half pack of cigarettes towards buying the team. I know that won’t even get me tickets but it could help toward us being competitive! We suck and Snyder is the reason- Get him out of sports altogether! I am embarassed!!!!!
    Sup Chase in New Orleans where they have a real football team!

  4. 5 Ryan Abel

    I couldn’t agree more with the overall observations and tone of this blog. Daniel Snyder… Wow. This guy is just a blight on the NFL as a whole, and particularly on Redskins football. Mr. Snyder’s apparent lack of concern about whether his team can make him money or not speaks volumes about his moral standing, IMHO. It must be nice to be so damned wealthy that your hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars football franchise is simply pissing it away, all because Captain Snyder is under the mistaken impression that he has a clue about what goes on down on the field and in the locker room. A team can NOT be successful when you have a team owner undermining every legitimate attempt and building a winning team. Honestly, the only reason the Skins don’t look like the Lions is because the fans haven’t COMPLETELY given up on them yet, like most of Detroit’s fans have. But the Redskins are only a short distance behind the Lions in achieving such a goal. A couple more seasons of Dan Snyder dipping his filthy fingers into the inner workings of the Redskins will find him with a team that’s worth ALMOST as much as the fraction of one cent that it would cost in ink to sign the rights over to someone with a f*cking clue. That, I believe, is the ONLY hope for the Skins. The roster changes may or may not be a good idea, but it’s moot unless Snyder can keep his business OUTSIDE of the stadium and leave the team and the coaching staff to do their damned jobs they way they’ve all been TRAINED, instead of the way Mein Fuhrer Snyder so blindly and mistakenly dictates to the team. I swear, he’s making money by betting high on how many times the Skins will rack up self-defeating penalties in the second half of the game, and then I’d almost swear he’s TELLING them to do it. If the stupid, asinine antics earning this ridiculous number of penalties (not to mention shitty calls at away games such as today’s game in Philly) would stop, the team would become two to three times better, almost overnight. But Snyder’s all-powerful grasp hasn’t seemed to ensnare that concept. Every penalty against the Skins is a shot in the foot for the team, and it’s not infrequently that they’ll rack up two, three, even sometimes four penalties IN A ROW. Who the hell manages a team like that? There’s only one answer: Daniel Snyder. And worse, no noteworthy head coaches want to work for the tyrant. Is it any wonder? Redskins head coach job description: “Try your best to fight the system, but always allow Snyder to overrule any decent strategy, to the detriment of the team. Never question King Snyder, because you’ll be thrown in the stocks and beheaded (fired) as soon as you have an idea that might actually work better than his. And by all means, you’ll be Mr. Snyder’s scapegoat, so that any bad decisions he makes about the team will fall on your soon-to-be-terminated shoulders, and the team’s publicists and spokespersons will, of course, back Snyder to the end, because on the whole, they’re just as irrational as he is… Or at least as terrified of him as Zorn seems to be, with his tail tucked between his legs and both hands tied. I’m surprised, frankly, that Snyder even lets Zorn wear a headset on the sideline. What’s the point? He doesn’t need it. Not with a Hussein or Castro or Snyder up in the box calling the shots. Put Snyder in a set of pads, send his ass out on the field during a scrimmage and let the whole team put a pounding on him, until he signs over the rights to the team to someone – ANYONE – who actually has more than a snowball’s chance in hell of bringing this team back to greatness, or at least somewhere close to greatness.

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