Week 6 NFL Picks


The Blog has been taken over by college football but fret not CFB haters (actually, you’re not welcome here), we’ve got our NFL picks for week 6.

You might be wondering why there is a picture of Megatron above. Its because I’m annoyed that he won’t be playing on my fantasy team this week due to a knee/thigh injury (which one is it Lions?). His loss this week might loom large down the road in the fight for the NFC North and Wildcard spots. No, the Detroit Lions are not going to be making the playoffs this year, but this team is not as bad as some people think. Maybe I am partial because they spanked the Redskins, but this team has the pieces to become a pretty solid team in the future. A promising young quarterback, a superstar game-changing wide receiver, and a young running back that could gain more than 8 yards in a play without it being feature in Sports Illustrated’s Sign of the Apocalypse. Green Bay needs every win they can get to keep up with the Vikings and what surely will be one of the better division races this year.

Without further ado, hit the jump for our picks:

Texans at Bengals (-5)

Shraf: Texans

Matt Schaub will exorcise his cold weather demons and lead the Texans to a win.

Doug: Bengals

Lions at Packers (-13.5)

Shraf: Packers

Culpepper to Dennis Northcutt doesn’t strike fear in opponents.

Doug: Packers

Calvin Johnson is the only reason the Lions won any games and he is not going to participate.

Panthers (-3) at Bucs

Shraf: Bucs

I can’t think of one reason to watch this game other than to find out that Josh Johnson isn’t white again.

Doug: Panthers

I refuse to believe that DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart will not break out at some point, which I’m sure is why I will lose in fantasy this week.

Rams at Jaguars (-9.5)

Shraf: Jaguars

David Garrard hyphenates his last name at half time and continues the Jaguars’ dominance at home.

Doug: Jaguars

Chris Long and the stingy Rams defense won’t be enough to stop the aerial assault of Garrard and Sims-Walker. When that much sarcasm is involved the hyperbole almost doesn’t come across. Almost.

Browns at Steelers (-14)

Shraf: Steelers

After this week, we are going to see college-type lines.

Doug: Steelers

The biggest loss in the NFL so far this season is Polamalu to the Steelers D. They will be a top 3 team when he and Parker return.

Ravens at Vikings (-3)

Shraf: Vikings

Hard to believe that this is the Ravens first ever visit to Minnesota. A fresh AD torches an overrated Ravens rush defense.

Doug: Ravens

The Ravens didn’t allow a 100 yard rusher in 39 straight games up until last week. It doesn’t happen again even with Peterson. Why does it seem like Favre has aged 12 years in the last 3? He’s getting those old sinewy eyebrows, it’s actually pretty disturbing looking at his face in the helmet.

Chiefs at Redskins (-6)

Shraf: Chiefs

Only one Jim Zorn coached Redskins team has beat a team by 7 points or more.

Doug: Chiefs

**shakes head**…**single tear**…**begins sobbing uncontrollably in fetal position**…**accepts defeat**

Giants at Saints (-3)

Shraf: Giants

One team knows how to win a big game, the other team is still learning.

Doug: Giants

Saints remind us why the Giants traded Jeremy Shockey.

Cardinals at Seahawks (-3)

Shraf: Seahawks

Fun fact: Seahawks are 15-0 in games that Matt Hasselbeck’s mom attends at Qwest Field. She is attending. (via his twitter)

Doug: Cardinals

Julius Jones is one of those players who I will never believe in even if he made a pro bowl. Random grudges can be healthy. I think.

Eagles at Raiders

Shraf: Eagles

Has anyone ever seen Andy Reid’s son and Tom Cable at the same place at the same time?

Doug: Eagles

Kissing Suzy Kolber says it better than I ever will.

Titans at Patriots (-9)

Shraf: Patriots

Maybe I should have sold high on Chris Johnson in my fantasy league.

Doug: Patriots

I wonder if ESPN is regretting reporting all those Lendale is off the Goose stories. Sort of like when Michael Phelps took a bong rip. There are those rare but sweet times when it seems drugs and alcohol can be subliminally encouraged in the world of sports. Marion Jones….no not you, please step away from the bars.

Bills at Jets (-9.5)

Shraf: Jets

First weekend where Darrelle Revis won’t have to really shut down someone because T.O. will shut down himself.

Doug: Jets

Fred Jackson went to Coe College. The description for Coe college is…..a private, four-year, liberal arts college in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Founded in 1851, the institution is historically affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA). I have no idea why I think this is cool.

Bears at Falcons (-3)

Shraf: Bears

Matt Ryan will prove to be the better under-25 QB, but the Bears are ignited by their Gaines Adams pickup…just kidding. Ogunleye goes off again.

Doug: Falcons

Falcons win a close game over the Bears. The difference is Matt Ryan is better than Jay Cutler.

Broncos at Chargers (-3.5)

Shraf: Chargers

Philip Rivers tears it up at night games and will continue to do so. SD coming off a bye; DEN just played their biggest game to date.

Doug: Chargers

Josh McDaniels reams out every assistant coach again on national TV as Vincent Jackson has a big day and Tomlinson gets back in the end zone.


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