The following is written by guest contributor, Chris Mirabella. He is completely unbiased and has no rooting interest in this Series. Really.

I recently asked one of my friends, a Mets fan, who he was rooting for in the World Series: The Yankees or the Phillies. When the mere notion of having to root for either of those teams clearly began to give him indigestion, I relented, and asked who he thought would win. A relieved but indecisive shrug was the answer I got. And why not? The Yankees and the Phillies are without a doubt the best teams from their respective leagues and the most evenly matched World Series opponents since 1999. Both lineups are stacked with powerful and fast offensive weapons. Both pitching staffs have a dynamic mix of power pitching and veteran experience. Both teams have by far the easiest fans to hate – Yankees fans are arrogant knuckleheads, and Phillies fans are from Philadelphia. Picking a winner in this series is almost as difficult as finding a woman Steve Philips won’t cheat on his wife with. I won’t purport to try. So instead, here are a few narrative threads I will be watching that could very well make or break one of these teams’ chances to win the ugliest trophy in professional sports. Or at the very least make this a more interesting series than Angels – Dodgers.

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So who would have thought at this point of the season that not only would UVA be in control of their own destiny in the ACC but also that all VT fans have to back the mighty Cavaliers this weekend for their own hopes of an ACC championship to be revived? College football…..where rooting for your rivals happens! Without further getting into the state of college football lets look at the matchup.

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College Basketball is Upon Us.

And yes, that is the 2009-2010 Duke Men’s Basketball Team. I’m not sure what happened to Coach K’s recruiting efforts, but I’m going to give anyone right now 100:1 odds that Duke wins the National Championship game. This team won’t even be able to compete with Davidson. They do have Curry, Seth Curry that is (very left).

ACC Preview coming soon.

I’ve been avoiding this post for a while and for good reason,its tough to cheer for a Redskins team that has no offensive identity. Or rather, an offensive identity of:

First Down: 1 yard run

Second Down: 1 yard run

Third Down: Sack

Fourth Down: Punt

The Chiefs game will be the last game in the stretch of games that the Redskins will play against winless opponents to start the year. After this, the schedule gets much tougher for the Zornonites. The Redskins play at home vs the Eagles on Monday night that could very well be the last game in the James Arthur Zorn era.

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The Blog has been taken over by college football but fret not CFB haters (actually, you’re not welcome here), we’ve got our NFL picks for week 6.

You might be wondering why there is a picture of Megatron above. Its because I’m annoyed that he won’t be playing on my fantasy team this week due to a knee/thigh injury (which one is it Lions?). His loss this week might loom large down the road in the fight for the NFC North and Wildcard spots. No, the Detroit Lions are not going to be making the playoffs this year, but this team is not as bad as some people think. Maybe I am partial because they spanked the Redskins, but this team has the pieces to become a pretty solid team in the future. A promising young quarterback, a superstar game-changing wide receiver, and a young running back that could gain more than 8 yards in a play without it being feature in Sports Illustrated’s Sign of the Apocalypse. Green Bay needs every win they can get to keep up with the Vikings and what surely will be one of the better division races this year.

Without further ado, hit the jump for our picks:

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