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As far as sports weekends go, you could say that this past weekend ranked in the pantheon for shitty sports weekends for anyone who is a Virginia fan, a Redskins fan, and a Wizards fan (or a fan of my 4 fantasy football teams!). I hesitate to give it a “worst sports weekend” medal for […]

I’ve been avoiding this post for a while and for good reason,its tough to cheer for a Redskins team that has no offensive identity. Or rather, an offensive identity of: First Down: 1 yard run Second Down: 1 yard run Third Down: Sack Fourth Down: Punt The Chiefs game will be the last game in […]



I was only about 13 years old when Daniel M. Snyder entered my life and little did I know, he would proceed to ruin my Sundays for every fall for the rest of my life. After over 10 years of mediocrity (at best), it was time for a statement. While I realize it is actually […]